On Hold Message

What do callers to your Business hear when you place them On-Hold?


90% of your callers will hang up within 40 seconds thinking their call was dropped. 3 out of 10 will NOT call back.

A Radio?

No one wants to hear a static-filled or fading signal from a radio on hold. And you don't want your callers to hear an ad for your competition

Business Information

Callers hearing information about your business will stay on the line up to 3 minutes longer AND hear only about YOUR products and services!

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There is a Simple, Cost-Effective Solution

You can INCREASE the bottom line of your business and stop your callers from hanging up when you place them On-Hold. You’ll also be able to Cross-sell your products and services and¬†showcase and enhance¬†the professional image of your business¬†with a Custom¬†On-Hold¬†Message.¬†

We provide the fastest turn-a-round time in the On Hold Message industry and have 25 years of experience to put to work for you.We provide Telephone On-Hold Marketing services for businesses like yours Nationwide and we can do it for you too! 

On-Hold Messages work!

You’ve heard the phrase “Perception is reality” This is never more true than when you are on hold.

It’s not really how long a caller is on hold that matters to them…it’s about how long they¬†“think” they are on hold. And their perception changes based on what they hear.

Any amount of silence not only makes people think they’ve¬†been disconnected, but it ¬†also makes them think they’ve bee holding much longer than they really have.

Replace that silence with a radio playing and most likely you subject the caller to a static filled or mistuned station. How long would you hold listening to that? And if that station happens to play a commercial for your competition, how would that work for you?

Keeping the caller engaged when they are on hold is a sure fire way to shorten their perceived hold time. And the best way to engaged the caller is by giving them information about your business. They are interested in what you do or they would not have called in the first place, so why not tell them?

Not only will you keep them from hanging up, but you'll inform them about your business, products and services. Don't waste the valuable time you have when your callers are on hold. Remember First Impressions and Customer Service start when you answer the phone. Use your hold time and professionally record IVR Auto Attendant prompts to your advantage!

Here are the numbers

7 in 10 callers are placed on hold for an average of 43 seconds each. 90% will hang up within 30 to 40 seconds if they hear silence. 3 will not call back Callers who hear music alone or a radio while they wait will hold for an additional 30 seconds.

Callers given information about the business they have called while they are on hold will usually stay on the line for AT LEAST 3 MINUTES!

85% of business callers say they prefer On Hold Messages over silence, music alone or a radio will not do!

One in five callers surveyed say they have made a purchase of a product or service because of an offer they heard about while On Hold.

We can turn your Recordings around in HOURS, not days!

Nobody in the On-Hold Message Industry can turn your Music On Hold Recordings around as fast as we can! Because everything is done in-house our turn around time is hours (sometimes, minutes) not days. 

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