Overhead Music

Create Atmosphere In Your Store, Restaurant Or Office

Music is the soundtrack of your business — it is an investment that defines your brand, sets a vibe and enhances the customer experience. Our Overhead Music Service is a simple, affordable and legal music service that provides the best quality of popular music on the market today…bar none!

Whether you want to set the mood in your restaurant, provide a calming atmosphere in your dental office, or motivate your shoppers to stay in your store longer music is the key!
Let us create a Custom Radio Station for your business. We can provide music in any genre and there are no limits on the amount of customization available. Want light jazz in the morning, 50-60’s Rock in the midday and Classic Country in the afternoon? We can do that and more. Like playing different genres in different areas of your business! We can even add

your company’s branding messages, promote upcoming sales, special offers and cross sell your products and services.
Your Overhead Music will sound just like a radio station but it will only have messages about your business, products and services….or no messages at all, just non-stop music! It’s your choice.

Our Overhead Music Programming Team Has More Than 45 Years Of Radio Broadcast Programming

Our overhead music programming team has more than 45 years of radio broadcast programming and commercial production experience and is ready to go to work for you today!

Studio Productions covers all licenses fees from ASCAP, BMI, SESAC and Sound Exchange. It’s a simple and affordable solution that relieves your business of the legal liability of playing copyrighted material.

Our music streaming service makes overhead music easy and simple. No uploading songs or managing playlists. Just choose your channel (or channels!) and you’re good to go. We’ll manage everything for you.

45 years of Radio Broadcast Programming

Our Current Available Channels

mix up to four channels for your own sound

Adult Contemporary

Today’s light rock and pop, plus favorites from adult contemporary radio.

Alternative Hits

Alternative rock and independent artists with an emphasis on the hottest new tracks.

Chilled Lounge

Ambient, cool, modern instrumental grooves.

Adult Contemporary

Not the original artists! Creative and cool arrangements of great modern music.


Dance, Techno and Electronica hits with high energy. Family Fun - Something fun for every member of the family.

Hit Mix

New and recent releases from the Hot 100. No oldies here.


Relaxing Atmospheres Soft, healing, instrumental spa music. Natural Atmospheres Natural Ambience - Birds - The music of nature, sweetly sung by birds from lake and forest. Natural Ambience - Waves - Waves wash over sandy beaches. Meticulously recorded around the world.

Hot FM

Current, upbeat adult contemporary music.


Country Decades - Country music hits from the 80s, 90s and 2000s. Country Light - The lighter side of today’s country. Country Gold - The founders of modern country music take their place in history. Country Now - The hottest country songs of the current decade, nonstop. Young Country - Up and coming new country music artists.

Roadhouse Rock

Classic rock, blues, alternative, upbeat.

Praise and Worship

Christian Hits Instrumental Praise and Worship - Praise and worship favorites tastefully performed without vocals.

Roadhouse Rock

Classic rock, blues, alternative, upbeat.

Singer Songwriters

Singer-songwriters and acoustic covers.

Sock Hop

Nostalgic tunes that filled jukeboxes in the late 50’s and early 60’s.

Soft Rock

The very listenable soft rock genre. Smooth and melodic.

Summer Splash

Summer songs, plus reggae, surfer, tropical club, party and Caribbean tunes.

Swing Singers

Sinatra and friends kick up a cool, swingin’ soundtrack that really hits the spot.

Try us out, you will not be disappointed 🙂

Try our Music Service FREE OF CHARGE for 2 Full Weeks at no cost or olbigation to hear it for yourself.

If you like it, we’ll install it in your place so you can start sharing it with your customers.